4 April Fools’ Day Pranks To Play On Your Friends

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of pulling an epic prank on your friends. Salt in the sugar bowl? Hope you got a picture when they took their first sip of coffee. Brussels sprout truffles? That crunch will haunt them for years.

If you’ve tried all the classics, you’re ready to up your game and go after what they really hold near and dear: their Ben & Jerry’s pints. We have 4 pranks you’ll definitely want to try:


  1. The ConsPEAracy

    They go for a scoop of Chocolate Fudge Brownie and BAM, peas. Dessert time just became veggie time.

  2. The Ice Hoax

    Fill an empty tub with water, leaving a few centimeters at the top. Pop it in the freezer, and once it freezes into ice, top it with ice cream. Then wait for them to try to dig in. Is that a really big fudge chunk? Or have you been had?

  3. The Tub Toy Trick

    Find your favorite tub-sized toy with a spring or some good pop-up action, and wait for them to go for a scoop. Pop goes the betrayal.
  4. The Sticky Scoop Spoof

    Superglue + their favorite Ben & Jerry’s tub = you may hear some curse words coming from the kitchen.