10 Absolutely Legitimate Reasons to Get Ice Cream Delivery

Have you ever felt like the universe is conspiring against you when you just want to enjoy some ice cream? You didn't realize your freezer was sadly absent of your favourite euphoric flavours until you were already home, and then things happen that make getting your munchies on seem like an impossible task. You may feel like some of these hurdles are just excuses not to leave the house, but really these are great reasons to get ice cream delivery now! For your consideration, we’ve compiled some of the most truly legitimate reasons to stop looking for your other shoe and get your delivery on.

  1. The idea of changing out of your pyjamas is really bumming you out.

  2. It’s 4:30pm, you’ve got a mad case of the munchies, but you’re aware that you aren’t fit for making a public appearance.

  3. You’ve already taken off your trousers.

  4. Alternatively, you’ve already taken off your bra, which means you actually put one on today, so kudos to you.

  5. 5) Because you started watching a movie before you realized you were out of ice cream. If you must hit pause to go get ice cream, then you’ll just have to start it all over again. Who’s got time for that?

  6. You’ve lost track of your front door. It happens to the best of us. Delivery means someone will knock on it to bring you ice cream. That’s two problems solved in 30 minutes or less.

  7. Because you’re frozen to your couch, and Ben & Jerry’s is delivered frozen.

  8. Because you’re Half Baked, er, um, your favourite flavour is Half Baked, and you don’t have any in the house. Yeah, that’s what we meant.

  9. You can’t find your keys. They were just right there, but honestly, it’s probably best that you don’t drive right now.